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About us

Calisthenics is one of the fastest growing artistic sports - unique to Australia. Children of all ages thrive on the variety and challenges offered in the many facets of calisthenics. It combines a range of dance styles including ballet, gymnastics, modern and folk dance and jazz ballet. Calisthenics also teaches skills such as singing, acting (mime) and apparatus (clubs and rods).

Calisthenics is so much more than a sport; it teaches strength, flexibility, co-ordination, balance, self-confidence, team work, commitment, stage craft and musical appreciation. It is also the perfect sport to teach body awareness and promotes a healthy body and mental fitness. Being involved in a team develops self-discipline, teamwork, commitment, responsibility and self-esteem.

The Horsham Calisthenics College was founded in 1974 by Jillian Hill. Her involvement in calisthenics started at the age of 10. She believed that there was a need for girls to develop poise, grace and co-ordination with music. Jill retired from teaching in 1998.

Kylie Hermans began with the Horsham College at the age of 10. In 1993, Kylie became a qualified level one coach after assisting Jill for a number of years; and is now the clubs Principal Coach.

The Horsham Calisthenics College is a competitive club and has achieved many accolades over the years such as;

  • Intermediates CVI State Champions, Division 10 in 2008
  • Junior CVI State Champions, Division 10 in 2009
  • Sub-Juniors CVI State Champions, Division 7 in 2010
  • Senior CVI State Champions, Division 8 in 2014
  • Intermediate CVI State Champions, Division 6 in 2015
  • Intermediate Royal South Street Society Champions, Division 6 in 2015 

Our Club Motto is to; Aim to perform as well as we can in our chosen sport, and at the same time have fun, meet new people and enjoy the special attributes Calisthenics offers.